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I’m so very glad that you stopped by. My hope is that you gain even a small bit of information from my posts that will help you get a bit further ahead in the Internet Marketing business that you want to build.

At the tender age of 54(at the time this was written in 2011), I am re-inventing myself yet again! I’ve been a figure skating coach for 20 years, switched over to running my own SOHO web design/computer IT service for another 10 years, took on a 3 year stint as an administrator for a large competitive skating rink, and now here I am self-employed again but with great promise and the prospects of putting a successful Internet Marketing home based business together.

Life has been full of challenges, but when isn’t it, right? I’ve struggled through divorce, a motorcycle accident, my father’s death, being terminated and now I’m dealing with my mom’s cancer scare, but I am sure thousands of you can relate and have your own stories and reasons. Thank goodness I have found a loving and caring partner (yup… that’s you Lesleigh!) this past few years or I am not sure where I would be now.

So I’ve been chasing my tail trying to learn how to earn a living online, running around in circles now for almost 7 years… 6 of those were as a part-timer… lurking around in forums, reading information, accumulating tons of “junk” and hearing different things from every “guru” out there.

Basically it was like someone put me in a round room and told me to pee in the corner… YIKES! Around and around I went trying to find that (magic silver bullet) corner to pee in. That is the definition of insanity isn’t it? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome!

Well that all stopped when I ran in to two important and influential people. I finally stopped listening to the guys that were touting the $million internet lifestyle sales pitches, realized that there was ALWAYS going to be a “shinier object” out there to buy and started to listen to a “real” person, making a “real” income and finding “real” success. There were two that I immediately felt secure and confident listening to and I owe a lot to each of them. Besides, I did not want to be a millionaire… just want to be able to make a good income doing what I love and having fun doing it… I don’t need a Ferrari, 3000 sq ft home and a yacht. That is NOT my definition of happiness OR success!

The first one is James Francis, who I am in the midst of his Online Income Masterclass program, where I am learning to go back to the beginning and do things correctly the SECOND time. I am finally creating a list and creating a few simple products that I can call my own and realizing that I was going at most stuff back-asswards. I was simply trying to build the skyscraper from the top down and failing miserably… there was NO FOUNDATION to hold the darn thing up. Can you say CRASH?? His personal touch, real life success and “non-guru” like personality is refreshing and makes it easy to learn.

The second person(s) that have really impacted my online profitability and knowledge are the Anton Nadilio & Andre Stoelinga team from List Frenzy. I had already started building a list, had it to almost 600 subs but then noticed their product when it came on to JVzoo. I grabbed it, signed up for the Elite group coaching Skype room and never looked back. With their product info, their experience, all the excellent tips/tricks I grabbed from both the Skype and Facebook groups… I was able to finally get a lot of the missing pieces put in to place… I am now the proud poppa of a growing and profitable list that I intend on building to the point of turning it in to a Solo Ad business list. Thanks guys! You really pushed me finally in to a position of profitability… Yahoo!

So after 7 years of “trying to pee in a corner of a round room” I finally am going forward with some enthusiasm, promise and excitement.

One of the credos or sayings that I live by day to day is – “I am stumbling my way on to success!” and that “You have to step in a lot of cow pies to get to the other side of the field!”.

Wayne Gretsky said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”
So get out there and SHOOT people… shoot and miss but take shots at least… eventually one will go in the net!

I hope you enjoy the posts, gain some wisdom from them and learn some tips/tricks/techniques to make your internet marketing business more successful or just simply get it off the ground.

Daryl Austman

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. simon

    Hi Daryl

    I hope you dont mind me emailing you!

    I know you are a student of James francis and he built this website for you!

    I am thinking of doing the same!

    So my question is, is he as good as he claims to be and have you had much success under his guidance and is it worth the money??

    Sorry to bother you but from one struggling IM to another i just want your honest opinion!

    Kind Regards


    1. Daryl Austman Post author

      Hi Simon,
      Let me fist say that I have spent the last 5 yrs tripping, stumbling and screwing up while trying to make any online income… and failing miserably. Then I came across James Francis.
      I first found out about James when I was snooping around trying to find a good squeeze page to use for “list building” for my online business. I took the attitude that if some skinny Brit could do it… damn… so could I. I liked WHAT he taught and HOW he taught it and he seemed to make sense and an instant connection with the way I thought also.

      So consequently I joined his Online Income Master Class (OIMC) in late 2011… and have been a faithful and happy student/customer ever since (YES… that is almost 1.5 YRS of being in that class!). I have learned a ton of excellent basics and picked up many, many “do this, not that” types of tips, techniques and tricks and I truly believe that it has given me the foundation of what I consider a very good set of ideas and techniques that I build my business on right now.

      As for his Done For You Commissions product, I would strongly recommend it as it is an excellent “DONE FOR YOU” type of product for anyone that already has not started that process of creating your brand/sales funnel system. It truly is a DFY type product and gives you all the tools you need to get started taking your business in to a profitable spot… BUT… you just can’t buy that (or his monthly training) and expect money to start dropping in to your Paypal. You need to realize that there still is a lot of hard work, time and money that needs to be put in to be able to make your business start profiting. It is not a “done for you profit” but it does give you a FULL set of tools to be able to start making a profit!

      So yes, I highly recommend his Online Income Master Class training and I firmly believe that his Done For Your Commissions product is a high quality product that will work for your business (if you will work for IT!).

      Hope that helps!

  2. Patricia

    Hi Daryl,

    I’ve watched the video for Done For You Commissions and have to say I really am interested in that. What I would like to know is this site James built for you or did you build this site from watching it from his online income masterclass course.

    As I am a struggling online entrepreneur would you recommend I enrolled in his online income masterclass course or should I get the Done for you commissions.


    1. Daryl Austman Post author

      Hi Patricia and thanks for checking out my site and leaving a comment!
      I’ve studied under James through the Online Income Master Class now for quite some time and pretty much all the “correct” information that I have learned about internet marketing and doing business online… I have learned from him in that class!
      His classes are affordable, easy to follow and understand and definitely give you ALL the info (not leaving out details like some video or PDF courses do) as you can ask questions at the end of each class and even email in for any support or questions you have.

      I fully endorse the OIMC classes especially if you are a beginner or newbie!

      The DoneForYouCommissions site (yes… this is one he made for me that I have now learned enough to modify slightly) is an important vital tool in your internet marketing toolbox and the fact that it can be completely set up for you from A-Z is the quickest, simplest way to create that authority blog that is so necessary. They do an amazing job with giving you your “presence” online as a respectful/trustworthy internet marketer. NOTE: the site will NOT make you money but will help give you a platform which you can USE to make money. An Authority site is critically important once you start building your list, promoting affiliate products or start selling your own product.

      I hope that this helps a bit Patricia!
      [IM] Daryl Austman

  3. Tim

    Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say NOTE: the site will NOT make you money but will help give you a platform which you can USE to make money? Do the sales funnel optin and oto’s make you money? I am seriously considering this but would like to know how it works profit wise for you.



    1. Daryl Austman Post author

      Hey Tim… thanks for your comment and question.
      I can sum up an answer for you with an analogy.
      Think of the DFY Authority Site that James offers in the same way we view a plumber or electrician’s brick and mortar store. The physical building doesn’t really “make” money but acts as a platform for the business that IS making money. It houses his tools, his vehicles and the person with all the knowledge as well as acting like his showcase and advertising billboard for his business name.
      The site it’s self is crucial to building one’s authority and branding in this world of Internet Marketing.
      And yes… the sales funnel/OTO do make money when fed a steady stream of good quality traffic.

      Hope that helps!


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