Tracking… Why Bother?

Tracking TrafficYou’ve probably heard this time and time again, online/internet marketing gurus have been jamming this message down our throats for years…

“Thou Shalt Track Your Results!”

But most of the time they don’t explain just WHY we should follow this commandment….

1. You Waste Less Time/Effort/Money – Instead of spending a bucket load of money on advertising campaigns that only produces mediocre results and/or profits’, tracking  will give you the feedback info which you can then use to target and pinpoint exactly WHERE/WHAT works with each particular campaign!

2. Test, Test… then Modify & Test Again – By split testing and trying different words, different sales copy, different layouts/colors/fonts/buttons, etc. you can identify quickly how to get the “best bang for your buck”. You want to make every click count and you want as many conversions as you can grab for each one of those clicks. The only way to get the highest conversion ratios you can is to test, test & test and use the tracking info to know what to modify each time.

3. Don’t Get Sidetracked! – Probably a “bone of contention” for some marketers but… having a way to see exactly WHERE each click is originating from is a safeguard to help you ensure you are getting exactly what you bought. In any business there are a few unscrupulous characters that are more than willing to take your money and give you a cheap knock-off of the quality traffic you actually thought you were purchasing. Staying on top of the traffic sources is a way to keep the game a bit more honest.

So there you go… in a nutshell, if you are NOT tracking then you are NOT giving yourself an advantage and you are probably not making your traffic and clicks function at their highest achievable rates. It just makes sense to get the most out of that traffic and the highest conversions from your campaigns.

If you want an incredibly, feature-filled tracking/cloaking tool that is simple to use and benefit from then check out

I have been using it extensively for some time now and can say that I am very impressed with it’s features, power, accuracy and it’s ability to help me hone my campaigns to a knife edged samurai sword! (Free Trial Too!!)

It’s the best thing you can do for any business!

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