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Check Your Small Business/Local Business Websites!

Over the past few months (actually since April 21st… Mobilegeddon day) there has been much talk about ensuring that business websites are mobile friendly (responsive) so as to NOT get penalized in their search engine rankings by Google.

This has now proven to be the case as WSJ has stated: Google’s Mobilegeddon Was A BIG Deal After All

Digital-marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting found that non-mobile-friendly websites suffered from changes in Google ‘sGOOGL +0.73% search algorithm.

When Google tweaked its search engine in April to favor websites it considered mobile-friendly, initial reports found little impact.

A new study suggests that “Mobilegeddon” was as big a deal as advertised, it just took a while.
(see more of this article here –  http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/07/15/googles-mobilegeddon-was-a-big-deal-after-all/ )

OK… so…

…don’t take MY word for it… Check your OWN #smallbusiness website out here…

then give us a call and let us do what we do best – Fixing Broken #localbusiness  websites!
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